Youth Works

Youth Works, The Most Colorful Way of In-University Marketing Communication.

Youth Works is the department of Backstage Event Co. that is focused on university youth.

Before becoming a department in 2010 Youth Works had the chance to get to know and build close relationships with its target group by organizing the university events. Our agency that works with different brands on the subject of university communication opened the Youth Works for the university oriented concept creation and project execution. Youth Works also put its signature to the activities outside the universities. With its Professional, excited and young team aims to create successful projects for young people and the people who feel young.

Youth Works Activity Areas:


Entertaining Activities in-Universities and between Universities
Spring Festivals
In-Campus and Out-of-Campus Activities
Youth Projects
Social Responsibility Projects for Universities

The Most Colorful Way of In-University Marketing Communication is waiting for your phone call to realize all your “Young” ideas.

Youth Works Contact;

Duygu Acar (Youth Works – Backstage Event Co.)

T (0212) 346 40 48

M (0530) 773 18 05