GWR Live! and Backstage Event Co.

Backstage Event Co. is the official event agency of Guinness World Records Live!. Furthermore Backstage Event Co. is also at the position of the preferred agency of GWL! in Europe and Middle East.GWR Live! concept is introduced to Turkey in 2010 with a Road Show containing 9 FORUM Shopping Malls in 9 different cities. During the 6 month period total of 58 world record breakers were included to the Guinness World Records. The organization, a first in Turkey, achieved  great communication success and took immense amount of attention from the public. Guinness World Records is the only authority in the world in record breaking achievements and the only owner of the adjective “record breaker” dreamt to be owned by 90% of the world’s population.


Guinness World Records Live! ;is an event that demolishes the inaccessibility of record breaking, is an event that makes us remember how entertaining is the competition of record breaking and enables the participants to leave the long procedures of record breaking aside by giving the chance to become a record breaker instantly. GWR Live! is also the sub-brand event of the Guinness World Records corporation established in 2009.




Gives the opportunity to become a world record breaker to the participants as an individual or as a team. These events can be organized in corporate organizations, vendor meetings, special events. GWR Live! is actively used in-house motivation meetings, panels, and vendor meetings around the world. All the long procedures disappear, the record breaker person or team gets the license and the certificate of Guinness World Record breaker instantly.

GWR LIVE! …It’s global, entertaining and motivational.


It gives the corporation the opportunity to be in the Guinness World Record book, world’s most selling and published book, as a brand.

You are a phone call away to become a record breaker!