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Wipe Out 2

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Wipe Out

THE CONTENT OF THE PROJECT:  the legendary contest Wipeout which makes the top at entertainment and never loses its tempo, met with its visitors at the Forum Shopping Malls. As a result of the 5-month pre-work;

GOAL: Wipeout, which has been projected with the planning of road show in 7 Shopping Malls, has implemented with the establishment of the most liked tracks and their being take place in different cities for 10 days.

Activation:  Wipeout, took place with the humoristic present of Asuman Krause and with the attendance of thousands of people in;

11 – 20 May Marmara Forum,

01 – 10 June Forum Kayseri,

15 – 24 June Forum Trabzon,

29 June – 08 July Forum Mersin,

13 – 22 July Forum Aydın,

17 – 26 August Forum Bornova

31 August – 09 September Forum İstanbul

RESULT: Hundreds of people had good time by racing in the wipe out tracks. Many rewards has been given.